Blogging at a Glance…

The blogging experience for me was a very effective tool for learning. The possibility of visitors caused me to check twice for grammar and really focus on what I was writing. When another person is going to see what you wrote, it makes me try harder and write better. I wanted to make an impression and make somebody stop to read, not just scroll through it.

The commenting of other blogs was also an effective learning tool. When other students comment on your posts, they give you pointers and tips on how to improve your writing. I really appreciated these comments and tried to comment in the same fashion as they did.

The  Student Blogging Challenge encouraged writing and learning even more so. The challenges were well targeted to work a students writing and improve it.

For younger students, I would not recommend blogging for grades under 5th. They would not take the challenges and writing seriously. Students will mess around and not take the blogging seriously.

Over all I would recommend blogging to any English or grammer teacher. It works and gets students writing more, and learning more. They have the experience of meeting other students from other countries and learning about their different lifestyles. I have enjoyed and learned a lot in the blogging experience





358 VISITORS!!!!!


I was looking through my blog checking for the week 8 game and I saw my ClusterMap. It showed a whopping 358 visitors! I had visitors from many locations. I had visitors from the state as me and visitors from other countries. Some were from Mongolia, Australia, the UK. Its great. THANKS GUYS!!

I Am from….

The universal truth that a novel teaches is always the colorful lesson that a protagonist learns an begins to understand. In the book, The Giver, Jonas learns that life is not only whats happening in the present, but also what happened before him and what will happen to him. The theme communicates that all lives are like a flowing river effected by what happened before and will be affected by what we do now. My life is like a river too. I am from those before me and will affect those that will come after me.


I am from a glowing apple on the back of a hand held computer.  I am from a boring carpool every morning, every afternoon, everyday. I am from a crystal blue lake with friendly faces filled with joy. I am from a steaming hot pizza box every Friday. I am from sandy beaches, engulfed by the sun’s golden rays. I am from a glowing green tree with a pile of wrapping paper stuffed in the corner. I am from the plains of Ohio to the green rolling hills of Ireland and back. i am from the youngest of four with a one, brave Dad.

I will carry on the laughter and joy to all I meet. I will always help others when they are disoriented with pain and sorrow. I will always cherish the help of others no matter what form it comes in.


Courage is not taking the easy path. It’s not going into conflict because your told too. Courage is fighting for every cause you know. It’s fighting a battle you already know your going to lose. Courage is your greatest weapon. Use it to conquer everything in your path.



The color blue has many characteristics. Blue sounds of pounding ocean waves against a white sand beach. Blue feels like a clean, warm Calvary sweatshirt fending of cold waves of rain. Blue sounds of a gushing a waterfall, crashing down into a calm blue lake. Blue smells of a blue violet flower, bursting with sweet-smelling pollen.


The color Purple smells like soft, royal silk on a king’s cape. Purple tastes like sweet grapes erupting with flavor. Purple smells of delicious jelly on a nourishing PB and J.


The color feels like warm sunshine pouring over all it can touch. Yellow tastes like citrus lemons and vibrant bananas. Yallow sounds like rumbling schools buses along a busy street.


These colors have a variety of personalities and descriptions.











Although it is difficult to explain my vast arsenal of diverse characteristics, I stand out in my virtue of being friendly. When some one is sad or unhappy, I take the time of asking them whats troubling them and try to find a solution. My friendly and outgoing attitude results in making new friends easier and quicker. This disposition shows that I am trustworthy and will watch out for you. My friendly attitude makes me nice to be around and more fun.




I am…

I am student, son, friend, and brother.

I am Ireland, with close friends and family.

I am orange bright and tangy.

I am happy, encouraging and great.

I am Italian, a full story across my pallet.

I am Vans with crew cut high socks.

I am laughing, bursting at the seems.

I am Twix, a sweet mixture of caramel and chocolate.

I am RED, retired, but extremely dangerous.

I am Hunger Games, an exhilarating adventure.