Week 6: Let’s Work

For the Week 6 Blog challenge we were supposed to do many things that involve work. I interviewed my teacher about her job and made a pole.


~Interview with Mrs. Kelly~


Q: What did you have to do or learn to become a teacher?

A: Well, I wanted to teach a specific subject. First, I went to regular college and studied English. I then took the Ed classes and learned how to teach the information I learned in English. Then I did some student teaching which is basically practice teaching. I got my credentials. It all took four years.

Q: Why did you become a teacher?

A: I love young kids! Many people in my family were also teachers too. I think that the things that I’m teaching matter. It has a purpose thats important. I also enjoy it!

Q:As there an event or person that influenced you to become a teacher?

A: Yes. My Dad and Grandmother were both teachers.

Q: Why did you decide to te teach English and history?

A: I enjoy it the most. I think it has a lot of value. It fits my natural strengths.

Q: Why did you go to teacher here, at Calvary?

A: I taught before at a public school over seas first for poor children. I came to California because my boyfriend was moving there. I saw an opening for history and English and I sent my resumé and was accepted.

Q: What is like when students call you Mrs. instead of your first name?

A: At first it was weird.  It made me feel old. But now I don’t mind it anymore.




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