Blogging at a Glance…

The blogging experience for me was a very effective tool for learning. The possibility of visitors caused me to check twice for grammar and really focus on what I was writing. When another person is going to see what you wrote, it makes me try harder and write better. I wanted to make an impression and make somebody stop to read, not just scroll through it.

The commenting of other blogs was also an effective learning tool. When other students comment on your posts, they give you pointers and tips on how to improve your writing. I really appreciated these comments and tried to comment in the same fashion as they did.

The  Student Blogging Challenge encouraged writing and learning even more so. The challenges were well targeted to work a students writing and improve it.

For younger students, I would not recommend blogging for grades under 5th. They would not take the challenges and writing seriously. Students will mess around and not take the blogging seriously.

Over all I would recommend blogging to any English or grammer teacher. It works and gets students writing more, and learning more. They have the experience of meeting other students from other countries and learning about their different lifestyles. I have enjoyed and learned a lot in the blogging experience





Week 10: Time to Evaluate

For the week 10 Challenge: Time to Evaluate, we are supposed to ask questions about how our blog is and how we write our post. Her are some questions I asked my friend and colleague, Alex.



Q: What is your first impression of my blog?

A: Interesting posts, a large blog role, great widgets, and well grammared posts.

Q: What first caught you attention?

A: Your fun widgets, your pole for week 6, and your art work for week 7. Especially your HIPPO widget.

Q: What distracted you on my blog?

A: Some of your widgets are a little distracting, but other than that, it was great.

Q: What suggestions could you give me to make my blog better?

A: Change your theme picture and make sure people scroll down and see your other creative posts on the next page.



Week 9: Count to Three

For Week 9 we were supposed to go to other blogs and “jump” around to other blogs and comment. You also supposed to jump from each persons blog role, to another person’s blog.

I thought that the game didn’t work too well. Some participants didn’t have any blog role or any links to click to. This made it harder for me to navigate by jumping on blog roles. I had to pick a new blog to start from each time this happened. At first, it as frustrating but then I found some blogs that had the requirements and commented.

Overall I enjoyed the blogging challenge, but I encourage others to get the challenge requirements. This would have made the game better and even more enjoyable.

358 VISITORS!!!!!


I was looking through my blog checking for the week 8 game and I saw my ClusterMap. It showed a whopping 358 visitors! I had visitors from many locations. I had visitors from the state as me and visitors from other countries. Some were from Mongolia, Australia, the UK. Its great. THANKS GUYS!!

Week 6: Let’s Work

For the Week 6 Blog challenge we were supposed to do many things that involve work. I interviewed my teacher about her job and made a pole.


~Interview with Mrs. Kelly~


Q: What did you have to do or learn to become a teacher?

A: Well, I wanted to teach a specific subject. First, I went to regular college and studied English. I then took the Ed classes and learned how to teach the information I learned in English. Then I did some student teaching which is basically practice teaching. I got my credentials. It all took four years.

Q: Why did you become a teacher?

A: I love young kids! Many people in my family were also teachers too. I think that the things that I’m teaching matter. It has a purpose thats important. I also enjoy it!

Q:As there an event or person that influenced you to become a teacher?

A: Yes. My Dad and Grandmother were both teachers.

Q: Why did you decide to te teach English and history?

A: I enjoy it the most. I think it has a lot of value. It fits my natural strengths.

Q: Why did you go to teacher here, at Calvary?

A: I taught before at a public school over seas first for poor children. I came to California because my boyfriend was moving there. I saw an opening for history and English and I sent my resumé and was accepted.

Q: What is like when students call you Mrs. instead of your first name?

A: At first it was weird.  It made me feel old. But now I don’t mind it anymore.




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Global Challenge: One Days Wages


For the week four challenge, we were supposed to go global and find a cause or piece of history to write about. I chose One Days Wages.


One Days Wages is a program and movement of  “people, stories, and actions to alleviate extreme global poverty.” The facts that are said on One Days Wages website are startling. 25,000 children under the age of 5 die each day due to poverty related causes. Unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation cause 80% of all sickness and disease, and kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war

The site provides many ideas for causing a difference in extreme global poverty.  A few that stood out out to me were to birthday for a cause, idea for a cause, work for a cause, and group for a cause. One motivational example is Justin, a partner with One Days Wages. Justin biked 2,000 miles from Canada to the border of Mexico for awareness of Human Trafficing. He also helped raise $9,414. This story is one that really touched me. He made a huge difference that I admire his actions.


Another way to help One Days Wages is to go on their site and calculate your wage. As little as 0.4% of your wage can provide a person with clean water for twenty years, pay for a child’s tuition, and provide a sewing machine and job training for a woman. I encourage everybody who reads this to at least visit the site and hopefully donate or birthday for a cause, work for a cause, group for a cause, and idea for a cause.

One Days Wages

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